2+ years ago, 12-29-10, my life changed forever with an ovarian cancer diagnosis followed by MAJOR surgery and recovery. Then came another surgery for a subsequent problem. Now there is another and bigger medical issue, but I’m coping.

What I am also doing is making a BUCKET LIST.  No, not because I’m dying, but because I’m living. I’m doing well considering and I’m recovering. Miracles DO happen.

There are so many things I want to do before I do die, but there never seems to be enough time, money or energy so I’m making a list as I go and changing that.  I’m fortunate that I have already done so many things, but there are so many more yet to do!  I no longer stress out over the small things and they were right, they are all small things! 

  • #  1 – eat a hangover burger – 12-28-11
  • #  2 – go to a PRO football game
  • #  3 – go to a PRO hockey game
  • #  4 – finish my novels
  • #  5 – finish my cookbooks
  • #  6 – get published
  • #  7 – Go to Vermont/New England and see the changing colors in the fall
  • #  8 – Go to Disneyworld/Epcot Center
  • #  9 – Go to an Olympics
  • #10 – Get a postcard series of pictures published
  • #11 – Go white water rafting
  • #12 – Go Deep Sea Fishing (if only for the pictures)
  • #13 – Design and publish a quilt pattern
  • #14 – Travel 1st Class
  • #15 – Take a Mississippi River Steamboat Cruise
  • #16 – Take a River cruise
  • #17 – Say what I mean in a nice way and quit sugarcoating it when the person needs to hear the truth.
  • #18 – Forgive ex, but follow through with WHATEVER it takes to finally get settlement even if it means being ruthless since he was the master manipulator and I was the naive laid back one.
  • #19 – Appreciate each moment and stop letting fear immobilize me…
  • #20 – Be kinder…gentler…more sensitive to others… Realize we are all dealing with difficulty…
  • #21 – Breath more…Talk less…Listen…
  • #22 – PURGE “items” from my life so my loved ones don’t have to do it later.

Every time I update this list I will change to the current date to show my progress.

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